'Freedom in Christ' discipleship course begins this week.

The thirteen week discipleship course, 'Freedom in Christ', will be launched again soon. Contact Janice 626158

  • LIVE out your new identity in Christ;
  • BREAK through to spiritual maturity;
  • UNCOVER strongholds and deception;
  • RESOLVE issues from the past;
  • BECOME a genuinely fruitful disciple.


The course material was recently trialled by one of the Cell Groups. This is what some of the members said about it:

“Freedom in Christ takes the things that I already believe, as written in the Bible, and makes them real and personal.”

“The Freedom in Christ course has emphasised the truth of God’s Word and His promises for us.  It has given me a new hunger to read my Bible and discover more about our amazing God and all He does for us and has provided for us.”

 “Everything you knew about being a Christian brought to the forefront, made bold and then underlined..............Don’t miss it!”

 “After 30 years as a Christian I’m finally grasping the power of the truth that I’ve always believed and experiencing a new freedom to be the person God wants me to be.”

 “For me, the strong emphasis on the Bible (God’s promises and the like) as the basis for our position in Christ, was very important.  There is a lot of very good teaching - no time wasting with long supposedly funny stories, as sometimes occurs with a video/DVD based course.”

“I found the Freedom in Christ course an excellent ‘wake-up call’ and a good way of moving on in my Christian faith.”

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