Rev David Treharne has greeted the Parish in the first magazine of the year with the announcement that 2015 will be a Year of Discipleship. At the Christmas services throughout the Parish of Tidenham, everyone who attended our churches was offered the free gift of St Mark's Gospel. These were gladly received with some people saying that they would pass it on as they already had their own copy. The Vicar says "This gesture, along with an invitation to the Alpha Course, was designed to kick start a year of discipleship."

A quote from his opening article helps to unpack what discipleship is all about.

'It can be a confusing and jargonistic term. When we talk about disciples we are talking about being a pupil, a learner or student of Jesus Christ. A disciple of Jesus Christ follows Christ's teaching as part of a Christina communiy applying it to every aspect of his or her life. As wefollow Jesus and learn in community we hopefully deepen our knowledge and faith and in doing so become like our Master and Teacher and will therefore do what he does. 'Discipleship' is about the process of becoming and being a disciple: deepening one's faith in Jesus Christ, growing and maturing in faith; being transformed into the likeness of Jesus through his HOly Spirit working within us as we obey his teaching; and fulfilling the baptismal call on our lives."

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