The recent  Auction of Talents in aid of the St Luke’s re-ordering project was a great success and we raised around £1,500.

Many thanks to all who donated talents, services or items, including local businesses:

Edale Accountancy Ltd., Tutshill
National Diving and Activity Centre, Tidenham
A&H Jones Butchers, Tutshill
Severn Vale Equestrian Centre, Tidenham
The Ferry Inn, Beachley 
World Snooker Ltd., Bristol 
Bright and Beauty Complementary Therapies, Chepstow
Ophelia’s Personal Training, Woodcroft
The Salon at the Live and Let Live, Tutshill
Lindors, Mork
Chepstow Race Course, Chepstow
Dance Academy 1, Bulwark

Thanks also to those who donated as a bid.

There were some items that were not sold on the night of the auction. There will be a catalogue of remaining lots in St Luke's from noon on Sunday 29th May until noon on Sunday 12th June to try and reach £2,000.

If you are interested in a lot, you can either bid by emailing Robin Riordan, with your lot number and bid, or by filling in the catalogue in St Luke’s Church with your bid and contact details. More than one bid can be entered per lot and the highest bid amount at noon on 12th June will win the lot.

I hope you find something of interest in the catalogue

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