Pastoral support

In the Bible we can read of the example set by the first church, who gave particular support to the widows and orphans who did not have a family of their own to care for them. Today there are many people in our church family who require support, whether emotional or practical and we seek to follow the example set by the first Christians in showing God’s love to those in need. 


Many of our church members visit friends and neighbours who are elderly or housebound on an informal basis. However, there is also a team of people within our church who are trained to visit and befriend those in need of support and friendship on a more formal basis. Visitors are CRB checked and work within the church’s policy on working with vulnerable adults. If you would like to receive a visitor from the church or know someone who would benefit from this service, in the first instance please contact the Vicar


When members of our church are ill or admitted to hospital, once again as a family  we endeavour to visit and offer support as required. This can only happen if we are informed of an illness so please do not hesitate to let someone in the church know. If you are facing a spell in hospital or know of someone who is and would value a visit from a member of the church, in the first instance please contact the vicar  


When someone dies and their family requests a funeral or thanksgiving from the Parish Priest, there will be a number of pastoral visits offered before and after the occasion. This may be from the Vicar or Reader, both of whom are sensitive to the particular needs of those suffering bereavement.


When a family bring their child to be baptised into our church community, a member of the church will be appointed to be a particular point of contact for the family within the church. They will offer support and friendship, giving invitations to special events and services and encouraging the family to honour their promises of bringing up the child in the community of believers. Read more about baptisms

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