'Praise him with resounding cymbals,' Psalm 150:5 - The Lord God delights in music of instrument and voice. There is a strong musical tradition in our parish, with activities that cover a wide range of tastes and ages, all designed to help us praise God and give him glory.

Bell Ringing

A mixed group of bell ringers, aged 16-66, meets at Tidenham Church tower for practice on Tuesday evenings, 7-8pm. They ring every Sunday morning to welcome worshippers to the 9am service. For more information contact Cate Phillips Tel: 624260


A robed choir sing for second and fourth Sundays at Tidenham church. In addition we augment the regular church choir with singing friends for anthems on special occasions and for the annual parish Carol Service.  Please contact Roger Martin 627800 for further information or if you are interested in taking part.

A new choir has been established to help lead worship at St Luke's Church occasionally. This is open to people of all ages and practises on a Monday evening. Contact Mike Scott  425613, if you would like to be involved.

Music Group & Youth band

A group of instrumentalists and singers lead worship three times a month at St Luke’s. On the first Sunday of the month the group is mainly made up of our young people with the adults leading on the third and fourth Sundays.

We also meet occasionally to worship and pray together, to learn new songs and to socialise and get to know one another better. Adults who are interested in joining the worship group, either to sing or play an instrument should contact Ewen Hamilton 626158.

The youth band practise on the Saturday before the first Sunday at 5pm at St Luke’s. If you are of secondary school age and play an instrument or sing to a reasonable standard, please contact Alex White 626555


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