Scarecrow Trail Results 2015

Monsters & Aliens


Scarecrow BigfootScarecrow Wizziwig1. Marshmallow from Frozen 

2. The Clangers

3. Jabba the Hut from Star Wars

4. Cookie monster

5. Aliens Love Underpants 

6. Cyberman from Dr Who

7. Zaphod Beeblebrox from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Scarecrow Oscar8. Alien from Toy StoryScarecrow Kraken

9. Soup Dragon from Clangers

10. Letters from an Alien Schoolboy

11. Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

12. Whizziwig from Malorie Blackman books

13. Oscar the Grouch 

14. Big Foot

Scarecrow Jumblebum15. Dementor from Harry PotterScarecrow Alien

16. Jumblebum

17. Evil Minion from Despicable Me

18. Superman 

19. Chewbacca from Star Wars

20. E.T.

21. Triffid

Scarecrow Spock

Scarecrow Evil Minion22. Kraken

24. Spock from Star Trek

23. Alien from Close Encounters of the Third Kind

25. Honey Monster from Sugar Puffs advert 

26. Enderman from Minecraft 

27. Minion from Despicable Me

28. Jaws

Scarecrow Minion

Scarecrow Superman29. B.O.B. from Monsters v. Aliens

31. Yoda from Star Wars

30. Dalek from Dr Who

32. Cyclops

33. Beetlejuice

34. The Loch Ness Monster 

35. Frankenstein’s Monster

Scarecrow Enderman

Scarecrow Chembacca36. James P Sullivan (Sulley) from Monsters Inc

37. Fish the Boxtroll

38. Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.

39. Medusa

40. Celia Mae from Monster Inc.

41. Pootle from CBeebies QPootle5


The winners of the 2015 Scarecrow Trail were announced at the Results Show LIVE. Nearly sixty people turned out to hear the news and joined in the fun of Scarecrow games and crafts.

Photos of all scarecrow entries were on display with the results of the voting.

The Best Scarecrow was a close run thing with only one point between first and second place.
1. with 17 votes Aliens Love Underpants created by Sedbury Rainbows
2. with 16 votes Jabba the Hut created by Jo Kibble and family

This year the competition was notoriously difficult with no-one scoring 100%. There were some very obscure Monsters and Aliens, two proving particularly tricky and were only recognised by a handful of people.

The winners of the competition were:
1. Winning a family ticket for Perrygrove Railway Paul & Sarah Murrin
2. Winning a family entry to Whirlikidz McBride family
3. Winning a scarecrow story book Karne Randall

Congratulations and grateful thanks to all those who took part, making and/or hosting scarecrows, and to all who followed the trail.

 Scarecrow TriffidScarecrow HoneymonsterScarecrow JawsScarecrow ET


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