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In 2002 the PCC appointed a part time youth and children’s worker to develop  opportunities for discipleship and outreach amongst the young people of the Parish of Tidenham. Mrs Janice Hamilton was licensed as a Youth Minister in 2007, and has been serving the parish for the past nine years

What has been achieved so far?

As well as support for the established church groups many regular activities have been initiated for children within the 0-18 age group which, together with the important one to one relational work, help the church to fulfil its Mission Statement amongst the young people of the Parish.

There has been a major impact on individual lives through schools works and midweek activities. Over the past few years we have seen many young people come to faith and it was encouraging to see five confirmed last November. It’s also good to hear of our young people sent out from here to serve and to take on leadership roles themselves in other churches.

Current activities

  • Kid’s Praise for pre-school children and their carers;
  • Assemblies, RE lessons, 6th form enrichment  & support for the C.U. in  local schools;
  • Establishing primary school links through the Diocesan partnership with India
  • Discipleship group for 14+
  • Annual residential Youth Weekend;
  • Youth and Student alpha groups;
  • Alternative hallowe’en event -  ‘Saints and Sausages’.
  • Annual/one off family events  - Scarecrow Trail;  Fun Day; Harvest hog.

What does the future hold?

The funding and contract run for three year periods, the last of which was due for renewal at the end of 2011. The parish has recently appointed a new incumbent, Revd David Treharne, who is keen to see the project continue. Once he has had a chance to listen and discern the way forward for the whole parish we will also consider ways in which the project might be developed further.


To maintain the current provision of a Youth Worker for three days a week, the PCC require funds in the region of £20K per annum. At the end of 2011 there was an appeal to church members for financial support and the PCC also applied for a couple of grants from charitable trusts. Sufficient funds have now been raised to continue the project at it's current level for at least eighteen months and a couple of grant making bodies have since donated £7K which adds further security to the future of the project.

If you would like to make a contribution to support the Youth Project, either a one off amount or a regular commitment, please contact the Vicar or James Parsons.

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