Charitable Giving

We regularly pray the Lord’s prayer in which we ask God to provide our daily bread. God in his great mercy has poured out many blessings on us, more than we need, and we know he calls us to be good stewards, sharing these blessings with others less fortunate than ourselves.

Regular giving

As a church we give a tenth of our general income, after having paid for the Diocesan Parish Share, to support a number of charities, both at home and abroad,  for the relief of the poor, care for the marginalized and the spread of the gospel.  A sub committee of the PCC meet annually to apportion donations.

Retiring Collections

In addition, four times a year we hold additional retiring collections in all the three churches over a number of weeks for specific charities, perhaps when particular disasters strike or when we have welcomed a guest speaker. 


At Harvest time, we have a retiring collection of money to support a special overseas project e.g. Water Aid. Since 1999 we have also supported Gear – Gloucester Emergency Accommodation Resource – who work with homeless people in Gloucester city, by collecting donations of dried foods, groceries and toiletries.


There is a collection box for used stamps at the back of St Luke’s Church. These are sent off to the Leprosy Mission where they are turned into financial help for the poor. Please leave a quarter inch margin around the stamps.

Junior Church

The children of Junior Church are encouraged to give a little money regularly. The monies they donate are used to sponsor a school for deaf children in Uganda.

Children’s Society

Each year boxes are distributed to members of our church to collect small change. These are opened at a special event and the donations sent off to the National headquarters.

Christian Aid

Each year in May, our church is actively involved in supporting Christian Aid week, through door to door collections in the parish. The money is used for relief of the poor around the world.

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