Donations to Diocese of Dornakal 2009

In 2009 our Youth Minister, Janice Hamilton, accompanied a Diocesan Youth trip to Dornakal in South India. On her return she shared with the congregations here some of the projects that had paricularly pulled at her heart strings and through donations and additional Gift Aid we raised nearly £3,000. We were also granted a further £5,000 from a charitable trust of the employer of one of our congregation members, to go specifically towards a new school building in Bhadrachalam. Janice returned to Dornakal in March 2011 and was able to see the progress made on some of the projects.

bore smThis bore well was sunk to serve a boys hostel on the Cathedral compound. Until now the boys had to go to the street to collect water from a well. Now they have running water to taps in the wash house and toilets.

perimeter wall


This perimeter wall was built around one of the girls' hostels on the Cathedral compound to protect them from some of the village boys who had been causing a nuisance and abusing them.

pogallipalli ch



Two village churches in Pogallipalli and Venkata Redypela have since been completed and dedicated for worship.


pastor hse before

pastor hse

The pastor's house at Kamballapalli was derelict (left) and has now been rebuilt. This photo (right) shows the house in the final stages of building. It was completed within three weeks of this picture, dedicated by the Bishop and the pastor and his family moved in by Easter 2011.

                   Before                                                                                                             After

Bhadrachalam before

bhadrachalam afterThe children at Bhadrachalam CSI Primary School were being taught under a lean to shelter with little protection from the hot sun or monsoon rains (left). The new 'pukka' school building provides three separate airy classrooms and a cool veranda (right).

Dornakal Appeal 2011

On her return, Janice has highlighted further projects for our support.

laxinagaramThe church schools were originally set up by the Church Mission Society in the 1850s and given to the local church to run when they pulled out fifty years ago. With little money and a delayed sense of local ownership  many of these mission schools, especially in the rural areas, have fallen into serious disrepair. In particular the CSI school at Laxinagaram has been declared unsafe for the children to use and so they are being taught under a temporary shelter open on all sides to the weather.

dummagudemIn addition, due to a recent change in government policy church schools are no longer having grants for teacher salaries renewed if a staff member leaves. Consequently the schools are under threat of closure or being turned over to the state to run losing their Christian foundation. In some schools the church has been able to recruit volunteer teachers. In Dummagudem, for example, there are 110 children and one paid member of staff. He is choosing to share his salary with two volunteers rather than see the school close. A teacher earns about 1000 rupees a month - the equivalent of only £15!

If you would like to make a donation towards either of these appeals please contact Janice Hamilton 626158.

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