Our vision

We know that God has a good plan for us as a church, plans for us to grow in faith and share his love with those in our community. Every three to four years we take time together to pray and think through how God is working in our church and to decide what the priorities are for the next few years. In January 2011, having spent time listening to God, we set new priorities for our church’s mission.

Click here to find out about the 2012 Vision Statement of our Diocese, 'Journeying Together'


As a church we will endeavour to put prayer at the centre of all that we do, mobilising our members to be more active in their prayers both individually and corporately, waiting on God and praying for our church and its mission to the community. We also want to offer further opportunities for prayer ministry and healing.

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Engaging with the community

It is an aim of our church to be outward looking, meeting people where they are and bringing the presence of Jesus into ordinary, everyday situations by our involvement. We will encourage our church members to get involved individually with community activities and will also set up new activities to serve the community where there is a need.

See What’s Going On to find out about activities on offer

Developing our Church buildings

Continuing with work that has already been started we need to develop our buildings so that they can be used more effectively for a broader spectrum of worship and to better serve the wider community. In particular, we would like to develop a flexible space in the main nave at St Luke’s, Tutshill and provide better storage facilities there. At Tidenham, there is a need for toilets and better parking facilities for this building to become more useful in furthering our mission.

See St Luke's Development to see up-to-date information

Pastoral care

To fulfil our mission we need to care for those in need both within our church family and in the wider community. In particular we plan to establish a team of people to visit the sick, lonely and housebound and we will develop good patterns and practices for pastoral support.

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