Dioc, journeying together

Diocese of Gloucester Vision Statement

Journeying Together

The Diocese of Gloucester’s mission, purpose and objective

A journey together

To share the transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ with people in and around Gloucestershire

The purpose of our journey

The Diocese of Gloucester seeks under God to be a resilient, dynamic and transforming gospel presence in and around Gloucestershire, empowering people and communities to lead authentic and faithful lives in a rapidly changing world.

To fulfil our purpose we journey on four different paths that seek to build a Diocese that -

Worships together

  • Through Scripture, prayer and sacrament
  • With accessible services that lift hearts to heaven
  • By embracing variety of worship in every place
  • By celebrating the pastoral offices with sensitivity and confidence

 Shares our Christian faith and values

  • Through culturally appropriate evangelism across all ages
  • By enabling everyone to grow in their faith, discipleship, vocation and ministry
  • Through mutual support of one another spiritually and materially
  • By engaging with families and schools and by developing church schools as partners in mission

 Provides a visible presence in every community and parish

  • By witnessing to God’s love through identifiable people and buildings
  • By offering welcome, hospitality and pastoral care to all
  • Through growing existing congregations and planting new ones
  • By ensuring our buildings are well ordered and in good repair, fit for the widest possible use

Serves the wider world

  • Through prophetic engagement with the diversity and inequality within our communities
  • Through the use of physical, spiritual and human resources to tackle poverty and injustice in the Diocese and beyond
  • Through working for the integrity of creation
  • Through experience of our local, ecumenical and international partnerships

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