'What God has done in my life'

There are now two contributions in our collection of testimonies of God's goodness and provision from our church members. We hope to continue to add to this page over the next few months.

God’s still small voice guided me

1st of May – I had a phone call from my youngest daughter. She was crying. Her son, my grandson, had gone missing. He’d been gone for two hours and because he was only twelve the police were involved. My husband and I joined the search but after a couple of hours we realised how fruitless it was. He could be anywhere. It was time for a cup of tea and a rethink.

My husband decided he would just walk across the fields where he had sometimes taken the boys while I went home to put the kettle on. I was distraught. On my own in the sitting room I fell on my knees and poured out my heart to God. Suddenly I sensed a voice say to me “Go in the car and you will find him.”

I didn’t hesitate. I got in the car and set off, waving to my husband who was just returning on his own. It was like being on auto pilot. I didn’t know where I was supposed to go. I went straight, then turned left. I couldn’t really choose, I was just following my instincts, or that small still voice inside.

I went through several streets, through Chepstow and Bulwark, and ended up in Mathern. At the cross roads I hesitated for a few seconds and then turned left. And a few yards up the road, there he was – sitting under the motorway bridge, with his woolly hat, his little rucksack and a can of beans!

You can imagine the relief and the joy. Can you also imagine the praise that was in my heart for God.

That was a few years ago now but it still sustains me when I feel like doubting, the knowledge that He cares, that He listens and He speaks, if we’re ready to listen to Him.

One of our church family

Light of the World

 ‘I am so sorry George, it is cancer and I recommend you go back to the UK as soon as possible’ those were my doctor’s words to me at Easter 1999. I went round to our church in Paphos, Cyprus, as Beryl was helping deck it out with palms and flowers for Easter Day. She was so happy that I decided not to spoil the moment and instead went round to the White Lion and had a couple of stiff brandies.

I had been diagnosed with cancer of the Prostate Gland, not good news for a man of my age: 40,000 men in the UK are diagnosed every year and 20,000 die. Statistics!!

Within the week I was in St Josephs, Newport, awaiting my radical operation.

On the night before the operation I asked God for a sign that everything would go well. Instantly a light came on in the room! A nurse, full of apologies, having entered the wrong room, turned it off.  Was that the sign? Next morning at about 7am I again asked God for a sign and instantly the sun blazed through a gap in the curtains and fell upon me. Was that the sign? 

I believe on that day I ceased to be a statistic and became one with my Lord.

George Healey

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